IP (Ingress Protection) Code

IP Code, International Protection Marking, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided againts intrusion (body parts such as hands and finger), dust, accidental contact, and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures. The standard aims to provide users more detailed information than vague marketing term such as waterproof.
IP rating had a two-digit number, is used to provide an ingress protection rating to a piece of electronic equipment or to an enclosure for electronic equipment. The protection class after EN60529 are indicated by short symbols that consist of two code letters IP and a code numeral for the amount of the protection.
Example : IP (NEMA 4)
The two digits represent different forms of environmental influence :
• The first digit represent protection againts ingress of solid objects.
• The second digit represents protection againts ingress of liquids.
The larger the value of each digit, the greater the protextion. As an example, a product rated IP 65 would be better protected againts environmental factors than another similiar the product rated as IP 42.


The National Electrical Manufacture association defines NEMA enclosure types in NEMA standard number 250. Ratings are not directly equivalent between the two standards, but the following table outlines the NEMA ratings that would correspond to the peformance required by IP code. NEMA ratings also require additional product features and tests (such as functionally under icing conditions, enclosures for hazardous areas, knock out for cable connections and others) not addressed by IP ratings.


Ingress Protection has become increasingly common for use in the costumer electronics market with devices such as mobile phone, tablet computer and camera now being sold as water resistant, waterproof and dustproof.



Each number in the IP code rating scheme represent as a spesific test; the higher the number, the more severe the test. Each test has a requirements that tightly control the test procedure and the test equipment. By identifying the desired IP code for your product (as required for your type of product by the appropriate safety standard/or as requested by your costumer/marketing departement) you can translate this code to a spesific test program.


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