Well noted #1

(You can ignore, but if you have interest, you free to read this footnote) Thx.

For 20 years from 16/10 is unpredictable.We saw something new, and all event become one condition at the short time. If we played song from 80’s, we feel that there is some memory is never been missing. Meanwhile, this years is 2016. Who knows what happen in 2036, 20 years from now. The first thing will be remembered at that momment it just memory that we make long time ago.

All mistaken that we have done, and all sorrow for didnt do anything for make our dreams come true at young age. And finally we will regret and if we open minded, we just feel guilty and continued the rest of our life.

Flash back from 80’s, meanwhile at that momment is seldom we found vehicle at kabupaten (beyond east java), at this moment is absolutely very crowded for all vehicle. Is any body think for 2016, that 27 years from 1989, for this moment is full of vehicle, improvement for the science and technology ?.

Bill Gates, ya founding father Microsoft. He have a dream that one day in every house is have PC. It just dream ?, No. He has do something and make his dream come true.

There is some word to say “What ever do you plant today, you will have the fruit whatever you plant later”. If we didnt plant anything, please dont hope for the fruit grow up. The problem is (writer too), that we want to some instant proceed. That thing is equal with we boiled some pop mie, it just hot water, 3 minute and ready to deserve. As we know, the opportunity for that thing, it just 1:1000000. Why 1:1000000 ?, because between 1000000 people, maybe there is some person will be rich with their legacy. LOL.

20 years from now, is depend on what we do now. Writer is still search for the best formula to prepare 20 years from 16/10.



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